[XeTeX] How to tell Xetex don't embed some ttf font into pdf

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Nov 19 11:29:12 CET 2008

Am 19.11.2008 um 07:52 schrieb 姚春林:

> But can I tell xetex not embed some ttf into pdf.
> Because the font is install on almost all of the machines.

PDF is self-contained. Its purpose is to be stand-alone, i.e., not to  
use external resources. One exception is a set of 35 PostScript fonts  
which are built into any PostScript printer. And that PDF viewers can  

Maybe you can convince Adobe to do something for you in PDF v. 1.7  
(or 1.8), allowing different font use in documents following PDF/A or  
PDF-X meant for printing/archiving and for those to be used on-screen.



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