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What is the specification of the computer on which you are running Vista?
Are you running 32-bit Vista or 64-bit Vista?. Vista requires far more
resource that XP to run and you will usually find that it runs slower than
an equivalent XP-based computer. That said, I prefer Vista as it is far more

If you go to the 'performance indication and tools' in the 'system and
maintenance' section of the control panel you should see a numerical score
of your computer's performance. The score does not really mean that much,
but the table that you will see will give you an indication of where you may
have a processing bottleneck. Anything below 2 needs to be addressed.

If you have less that 4GB of RAM then you are probably better off running
32-bit Vista (32-bit Vista will not see all of the memory if you do have
4GB). 64-bit Vista really only comes into its own at 4GB of RAM or more.
Less than 4GB of RAM and it is even slower than 32-bit Vista. If you are
running 32-bit Vista then try to use at least 2GB of ram if you can, as it
does require more memory than XP.

What graphics system do you have? The 'performance information and tools'
section that I mentioned above should tell you how fast your graphics system
is. If you use an embedded graphics system which shares system memory, or if
you have a slow graphics card, then you want to make sure that the
transparent effects within the aero interface are switched off. You can
still have the curved windows and muted colours of the interface. You just
will not have the transparent effects or the special desktop views aero
provides. Switching these off will save memory and speed up your processing.
If you want to use the transparent effects then you should ensure that you
have a graphics card that will handle all of the graphics processing. 

Another step is to check that you have the latest drivers installed. This
sounds trite, but with Vista it is important. If you are using 32-bit Vista
make sure that you are using Vista drivers and not XP drivers. Some XP
drivers will work under Vista, but they do have performance issues. Your
hardware manufacturer may have updated drivers of even an updated BIOS.
Installing these may improve the performance of your computer.

Finally, are you running other software when you run TeX? This does not
matter so much if you are running 64-bit Vista in 4GB of ram or more, or
32-bit Vista in 3GB of ram. However, it can have an effect if you have less
memory. Check your task manager to see what effect running those programs
has. If you do not need them, then do not use them whilst you run TeX.

You stated that you had a problem getting TeX to run on Vista. What
distribution did you use? I, myself, am running MiKTeX 2.7 on 64-bit Vista
and it works well. I have never had any problem installing MiKTeX on either
32-bit or 64-bit Vista. The fact that MiKTeX is 32-bit software is
irrelevant. It works very well on both flavours of Vista. TeXlive 2008
should work well too.

I hope this helps.

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On 11/3/08, nader fard <nader_fard at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> Hi, my name is Nader and I'm a beginner of typesetting tool Tex. I managed
> to get Tex up and running on Xp fairly easily but had problem to get it up
> and running on Vista which eventually I did. Now I have only one problem.
> course I run Vista with Admin rights.
> The problem is that when I start the process in the command box, the CMD
> shows that the machine is thinking and this takes at least 1-2 minutes
> time I run it to fix a word! And I have to run Tex hundreds of times to
> the scripture text right. In Xp there is no delay and the process is very
> fast. Is there any way we can omit this delay in Vista? I would be
> if you could help me with this or at least put me in touch with some one
> might be able to help me with this. Best Regards, Nader

Which Tex distribution do you use. I have installed texlive2008 on a
vista system and everything is ok. Also Miktex is working fast.
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