[XeTeX] Errors when compiling file using unicode-math and Asana Math

R (Chandra) Chandrasekhar chandra at ee.uwa.edu.au
Thu Nov 6 10:51:52 CET 2008

Dear Folks,

I just wanted to experiment using the asana-math fonts in conjunction 
with the experimental unicode-math package.

My test file:

\usepackage{unicode-math} % local directory copy
\setmathfont{Asana Math}
\setromanfont[Numbers=OldStyle]{Minion Pro}
\setsansfont[Numbers=OldStyle]{Myriad Pro}
e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0

fails with the error:

---------- snip -------
(./unicode-math.tex) (./unicode-math-add.tex)) 
(./asana-test.aux)kpathsea: Illegal fontname `Cambria Math/ICU': 
contains ' '

! Font \zf at basefont="Cambria Math/ICU" at 10.95pt not loadable: Metric 
(TFM) fi
le or installed font not found.
\zf at preparse@Script ...\zf at suffix " at \f at size pt
                                                   \edef \zf at family@long 
l.13 \begin{document}


Can someone please tell me what I should do to compile the file 

FYI, I am on a PC running Kubuntu Hardy with texlive-2007 build from the 
Debian source packages, ttf-oflb-asana-math built from the Ubuntu source 
package, with xetex/xelatex built from SVN and with 
unicode-math*.{tex|sty} downloaded from


I do not have the Cambria Math font on my system.

Many thanks.


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