[XeTeX] Latex to Word

Martin Wilhelm Leidig tex-d-l at moss.in-berlin.de
Fri Jul 25 22:54:26 CEST 2008

Am 2008-07-06 um 08.03 schrieb Yaniv Hollander:
> I need to know if any of you knows of an application that can  
> convert Latex documents into word (conversion of text, equations,  
> figures, cross-references, etc.).

Chikrii TeX2Word, see <http://www.chikrii.com/>.

> It would be helpful if this application is free, and more helpful  
> if works on Mac OS.

None of those, sorry.  I'm running a (virtualboxed) WindBlows XP for  
the only purpose of converting manuscripts from Word to TeX (using  
the opposite tool Word2TeX).

... mit freundlichem Gruß aus Ladenburg:

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