[XeTeX] font location

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Jul 21 18:56:16 CEST 2008

Am 21.07.2008 um 16:05 schrieb maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu:

> Where does XeTeX expect to find fonts, and what overrides are  
> available
> (under Linux)?

It uses the system, i.e., fontconfig (fc-list, fc-match, fc-cache).  
There are system-wide settings in an XML file /etc/fonts/fonts.conf  
or such, and there are user-narrow settings in ~/.fonts.conf. So  
you're free to install extra fonts "somewhere" – as long as it's  
documented. After installation you should run fc-cache, or some  
programme will do it for you when you need it right now!



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