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I don't use \fontspec, but the following might be of interest.

You could try the SOUL package (for Spacing Out and UnderLining).

And in XeTeX itself you can add letterspacing to the font call so that you 
could have a separate letter-spaced version of the font.  It is just one of 
the usual options introduced by a colon, e.g.:

\font \umirten = "Minion Pro Regular":+onum:mapping=tex-text:letterspace=10 
at 10pt

to give old-style numerals, traditional TeX mapping, and letterspacing of 10 
per cent.  (You would then need to code for the letterspacing int the file 
by surrounding the word(s) in a new font, e.g. {\spacedrom this text is 
letterspaced} - but you need to use similar coding anyway however you 
achieve the effect.)


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Dear all

I am using some macron-accented characters like ā and ī (i.e.  \=a
and \=\i).
When I apply letterspacing via fontspec (sample below), some
combinations simply do not respond to the tracking..only with some
fonts! So far I have notice that l combinations are problematic, see
sample below.

Gentium works fine, but Junicode, as in the sample (pdf attached),
does not, and I have the same problem with a Monotype font too, Bembo

Anyone have a clue to the reason for this behaviour? Any way to bypass
this apparent font-specific problem?

Here is a minimal file, output attached:


%!TEX TS-program = xelatex
%!TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode
\usepackage{fontspec, xunicode, xltxtra}

\fontspec[LetterSpace=10]{Junicode} Ghazālī lālīlū lalilula



With many thanks in advance,




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