[XeTeX] caption problem with polyglossia

François Charette fcharette at ankabut.net
Thu Jul 3 01:13:04 CEST 2008

Thanks for your useful report. I'll investigate the points you raise.

> Thanks Mr. Charette.
> I am extremely happy to hear that. We can translate the documentation 
> in Farsi. Can you also put the final version of the package in XeTeX 
> SVN as well.
> The problem faded away. I also have experienced some other problems 
> and would like to share them with you.
> 1- the current polyglossia package seems to not work with book and 
> similar classes. I tried testing it with amsart, but the toc was too 
> messy.
Is this a general statement or does it only apply to RL languages like 

A general comment: while polyglossia aims at providing the best possible 
support for multilingual typesetting with XeLaTeX, its philosophy is to 
avoid patching the document classes as much as possible. IMO this is the 
job of class authors. Of course many "patches" are necessary to support 
RL typesetting, but again, I really don't want to modify document 
classes too deeply. Polyglossia won't be another Babel! Possibly, the 
best approach for writing documents in RL languages would be to write 
new classes on the basis of existing ones, or to encourage class authors 
to provide "hooks" for directionality so make them compatible with bidi 
(or the equivalent for luatex once it becomes widely used). What do you 

> 2- If we say, \setdefaultlanguage{farsi} and in the body have 
> \section{فارسی}, at this stage, we get an error, but if we have 
> \setdefaultlanguage{arabic} and then \setotherlanguage{farsi} and in 
> the body we say
> \begin{farsi}
> \section{فارسی}
> \end{farsi}
> then the compile process is done without any errors.
This is very strange!

> 3- A required package was farsical.sty which still does not exits. I 
> just created one myself to get rid of the error.
jalalical.def was renamed to farsical.sty just a few hours ago. The 
change has now been commited.

> 4- if you say \author{وفا  خلیقی}, it actually prints the name of the 
> author in opposite direction, I tried \author{\beginR وفا خلیقی\endR}
OK, I'll fix this in bidi.sty

> 5- The command \Jalalitoday seems to give error, also the calendar for 
> Farsi is not suitable at all, it should be something like ۱۲ فروردین 
> ۱۳۸۷ and not 12  نیسان 1387, I think it should be set to Jalali.
There will be options to set these properly, some of which are still on 
my TODO list.


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