[XeTeX] caption problem with polyglossia

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Wed Jul 2 22:02:47 CEST 2008

> I have problems wth the captions of tables and figures in polyglossia. 
> It puts the Farsi text in opposite direction.
> but When I looked at the testarabic.pdf, the caption of the table was 
> correct. I used the same commands but had to change the fonts since  I 
> did not have those fonts installed on my Linux machine.
> Do you have any idead of what could cause this problem?

Polyglossia is being intensively developed right now, as you appear to 
have seen on the svn repository (the file testarabic.pdf you are 
referring to is only two days old).

The directionality of captions is actually implemented in the latest 
development version of my bidi package, which I intend to upload to CTAN 
very soon (it supports RL captions for all standard LaTeX classes, the 
KOMA classes and also memoir).

Now I realize I forgot to add bidi.sty to the xetex svn server. I've 
just done it, so you can test it now.

BTW: polyglossia has finally reached version 1.0 and I am currently 
writing the documentation. You can expect a first official release 
before the week-end :-)


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