[XeTeX] Could not load both Bold and BoldItalic.

Joachim Trinkwitz jtr at uni-bonn.de
Sat Dec 13 13:12:09 CET 2008

Am 12.12.2008 um 18:23 schrieb Andrea Franceschini:

> It seems there's no Italic but actually it's in nearly every other
> application I use, from OpenOffice to Inkscape...

It's possible that these applications slant the regular font to  
produce sort of an italics lookalike. You can identify such a fake  
italic e.g. by looking at the (small) 'a', which would have the same  
form as a regular 'a' apart from the slant, whereas a real italic a  
has a different form. Same thing with many other characters.


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