[XeTeX] Redefining \XeTeXpic file and \XeTeXpdffile

Joachim Trinkwitz jtr at uni-bonn.de
Wed Dec 10 17:54:42 CET 2008

Am 10.12.2008 um 15:53 schrieb VAFA KHALIGHI:

> What I want is \LR{\XeTeXpicfile "flowrr" heigh 4cm}, so can I  
> redefine \XeTeXpicfile so that when I write \XeTeXpicfile, it  
> actually will be surrounded by \LR{..}?

Wouldn't it be better to define a new command like that:

\newcommand{\myXeTeXpicfile}[1]{\LR{\XeTeXpicfile "#1" height 4cm}}

which you could use as


(actually you would define a command which is easier to write down,  
something like \mypic). You could even turn the height into an  
argument, if it differs from case to case.


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