[XeTeX] Outline Math fonts in Xetex

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Fri Dec 5 20:17:06 CET 2008


I am very new to xetex, trying to use it with my established Winedt
5.5+Miktex 2.7 (Win xp) system. I have changed pdflatex to xelatex in the
execution mode of winedt to run xetex.

I have been using Lucida Bright fonts with pdflatex and dvi-dvips-ps2pdf
with no problem and the output always looked nice with type-1 fonts. When
using xetex, the text fonts are nice type-1 fonts but the math fonts are
rendered as type-3 bitmapped fonts. The sample file that I have run is given

\setmonofont{Lucida Console}%
\setsansfont{Comic Sans MS}%

\subsection{Min Font}
This is an example of the main font. \textsf{This is Sans Serif Font} and
\texttt{This is tt font}



Thansk for your suggestions
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