[XeTeX] choosing semibold?

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Thank you Fr. Gilmary, that’s exactly what I was looking for.


Now, if I could only find out how to specify an exact point size for a font.  


And then figure out how to redefine the section and subsection heading so that it doesn’t add a small amount of vertical space afterwards.  (I’m able to adjust the section heading’s font style using the sectsty package, but I can’t seem to adjust the vertical space after the heading.)


Thanks again for the help,



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Hi Everyone,


What’s the appropriate way to choose a semibold version of a font while in the main document?  I assume that \textbf{Blah} goes for the bold weight of the \setromanfont{} font.  Is there an equivalent command for semibold?  I’m using Times LT Std which has Roman, Italic, Semibold, SemiboldItalic, Bold, BoldItalic, and even ExtraBold.


A second question: how do I access the ExtraBold, or any other specific font weight, without redefining all calls to \textbf{}?


Dear Chris:


\newfontfamily\semibf{Times LT Std Semibold}

\semibf{This text should be semibold.}

\textbf{But this text is bold.}

And the same for ExtraBold, just define a new font family, as needed. See the fontspec documentation, p. 5.

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