[XeTeX] choosing semibold?

Poile, Christopher poile at edwards.usask.ca
Thu Dec 4 22:32:13 CET 2008

Hi Everyone,


What's the appropriate way to choose a semibold version of a font while
in the main document?  I assume that \textbf{Blah} goes for the bold
weight of the \setromanfont{} font.  Is there an equivalent command for
semibold?  I'm using Times LT Std which has Roman, Italic, Semibold,
SemiboldItalic, Bold, BoldItalic, and even ExtraBold.


A second question: how do I access the ExtraBold, or any other specific
font weight, without redefining all calls to \textbf{}?


Thanks for the help,


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