[XeTeX] Could not load both Bold and BoldItalic.

Ulrike Fischer news2 at nililand.de
Thu Dec 4 15:40:12 CET 2008

Am Thu, 4 Dec 2008 15:05:34 +0100 schrieb Peter Dyballa:

>> Anyway: even if I remove the TFM of utopia (so that pdflatex fails)  
>> xelatex still can
>> handle the font.
> *I* have a very simple explanation based on observation: xdvipdfmx is  
> more polite than Japanese! When it fails, it does no harm. I.e., when  
> a PDF file existed before it's neither overwritten nor removed by  
> xdvipdfmx' failure. Check the PDF file's date and compare it to the  
> moment you ran xdvipdfmx!

I prefer to check the terminal output:

This is the message if xdvipdfmx fails for some reason:

Output file removed.

Error 1 (driver return code) generating output;
file test-xetex.pdf may not be valid.

And this is the message of a working run (with Utopia-Regular):

Output written on test-xetex.pdf (1 page).

Ulrike Fischer 

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