[XeTeX] Polyglossia issue with fancyhdr

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François Charette wrote:
> This could well be a bug. But you can overcome it with the option
> nolocalmarks, to turn off "localization" of \markboth and \markright:
>   \usepackage[nolocalmarks]{polyglossia}
> Hope it helps,
> FC

Oops, there is actually a little bug when calling the option 
nolocalmarks (due to a macro called within a macro with a #1 argument 
instead of ##1). I've just fixed that in the svn version. An update to 
version 1.0.2 on CTAN should follow shortly.

I've also fixed a few things to make polyglossia cooperate with packages 
that rely on babel (like csquotes) by making them believe that babel is 

In the meanwhile you can use this in the preamble (after loading 
polyglossia but before loading babel-aware packages):
\cslet{ver at babel.sty}{\@empty}


Nope, doesn't work for fancyhdr, still can't get smallcaps or italics. Well, I think I'll wait for 1.0.2 update. It's important that you're aware of the problem. Thanks and best wishes:)
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