[XeTeX] Beamer and Hyperref in xelatex

Ulrike Fischer news2 at nililand.de
Wed Apr 30 15:58:44 CEST 2008

Am Wed, 30 Apr 2008 16:24:10 +0300 schrieb snvv:

> Hello
> Using \def\pgfsysdriver{pgfsys-xetex.def} before the document class the 
> previous error is gone

This shouldn't be necessary with a recent beamer/pgf.

> The attached version is only one of the hundreds that I have try, but none 
> worked.

Make a *minimal* example that demonstrates your problem. No wonder that
you don't find a solution to your problems if you mix in a lot of things
that only confuse you and beamer. 

> \def\thepage{}

? What should this do? If you don't want a page number on a frame:
change the pagestyle. 

> \documentclass[utf8x]{beamer

Don't use the utf8x option with Xelatex!

But as I already said you will have to tell hyperref to use the dvipdfmx


> \usepackage{hyperref}

beamer has already loaded hyperref.

>  \begingroup
>   \renewcommand{\thepage}{title}
>   \newpage
>  \endgroup

? Has this any sense?

Ulrike Fischer 

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