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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sat Apr 26 04:34:37 CEST 2008

Hi Sotiris,

On 26/04/2008, at 10:37 AM, snvv wrote:
> Sorry for the double email but I forgotten to include some files  
> with the
> problems for your reference,
> Sorry again
> Sotiris
> --- Follow my previous mail ----
> Hello
> Recently I started using lattex and I have four problems.
> 1st. When I use the xy-pic package to produce some graphs the  
> quality of the
> graph (especially the circle) is really bad. On the other had using  
> tex the
> output is really nice either as dvi, ps or pdf.

see below for this one.

> 2nd. When I type a formula (i.e $\left\{ y_{t}\right\}_{t=1}^ 
> {\infty}$ ) the
> letter is not of the center of {}.

It is centered to best enclose what *might* be there, not what
actually *is* there.  See the top line in the attached image, showing
what you would get also with  A\,y_{t}  inside the braces.

BTW, the \left and \right are redundant in this case; you get exactly
the same with these left out altogether -- 2nd line in attached image.

If your contents was a little larger, or you just want the braces
to be larger, you can use  \bigl  and  \bigr  explicitly;

   $\bigl\{ y_{t}\bigr\}_{t=1}^{\infty}$
   \qquad $\bigl\{A\,y_{t}^{}\bigr\}_{t=1}^{\infty}$

see the 3rd line in the attached image, for the result.

Often it is better to put in the \bigl  ( or \Bigl or ... )
explicitly like this, rather than rely upon \left .... \right .

> 3nd. How can I use a different math character set? I have find the
> \setmathrm{Minion Pro} but then i don't have bold, italics etc. I  
> would like
> something more general.

Full math support in XeTeX has not been completed yet.
Look at the Fourier and  TeX Gyre projects for alternatives.

> 4th. How can I use the tex fonts? Now I can use all the ttf fonts  
> but none
> afm, tfm, type1 etc

TeX fonts still work with XeTeX.
Don't use  \setmainfont   and you will get these.

But when you want to use Kerkis  then you'll need to have setup
a command, or environment, and delimit those portions.

> I apologize if the questions are really simple, but I don't have  
> solution even
> after extensive googling and reading.

No, these are not really simple questions.
The best solutions involve the interaction of different pieces
of software.

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As for the Xy-pic question...

The best quality from Xy-pic comes from using the PostScript back-end.
e.g., load it via:


But this requires using dvips  as the main processor,
at least for the diagrams.

What you need to do is to create the diagrams first
as PDF images, then import these into your document.

THe  pdfTricks  package gives an easy way to do this.
e.g., your document preamble can include something like:


and the diagrams are specified as:

     (46,11)*+\hbox{Square}="s" *\frm{-,},
     -<5em,-5em>@+, "o";"s" **{}
  "o";"s"."b" **\crvs{-},
  "o"."b";"s" **\crvs{-} ?>*\dir{>}

     (46,11)*+\hbox{Square}="s" *\frm{-,},
  "o";"s" **{} ?*+\hbox{Bend}="b"*\frm{.},
  "o";"s"."b" **\crvs{-},
  "o"."b";"s" **\crvs{-} ?>*\dir{>}

When you process/typeset your file, you'll need
to use a command such as:

    xelatex -shell-escape ....

to cause the subsidiary TeX jobs to make images of your

Once the images are made, you don't need the  -shell-escape
again --- unless you change the coding in the diagrams.

> Thank you in advance for your help.

Hope this helps,


> Sotiris
> PS. I use Linux debian sid with texlive.

This should all be workable on any platform.
There may be some minor customisation needed
in some situations.

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