[XeTeX] \usepackage{fontspec} and \bfseries {text}

Stefan Pohl stefan.pohl at ish.de
Mon Nov 19 08:22:53 CET 2007


> Does the font you're using have bold? :) It may not be being 
> automatically recognised by XeTeX. You can select it manually with
>   \setmainfont[BoldFont=ScalaSansLF-Bold]{ScalaSansLF-Regular}
> (or whatever the bold font is called)

Okay. If I define

Bold},ItalicFont={ScalaSansLF-Regular Italic}]{ScalaSansLF-Regular}

and set

\textbf{bold letters}

the text is not in bold letters, it is set in the mainfont.

If I choose 

\setsansfont{ScalaSansLF-Regular Bold}

the whole text is bold. I.e. the bold font is correctly recognized.

What is to do?

Thank you for your help, Stefan.

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