[XeTeX] Xelatex, TL2007 not working on Mac

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Nov 7 21:42:57 CET 2007

Am 07.11.2007 um 20:25 schrieb rhino64 at freesurf.ch:

> I have the last beta of TeXLive installed on my Sun (fortunately  
> with the binaries for
> almost all architectures). I have then mounted by NFS that version  
> of TeXLive
> on my Mac and everything works fine when typesetting a document  
> with XeTeX.

Are the paths to all files, and here particularly the TFM files, in  
Solaris and in Mac OS X the same? I.e. do you mount the complete / 
export/texlive tree in /usr/local/texlive, that the Mac also sees all  
binaries? Are there no other TeX binaries that could interfere? Are  
you using the native binaries or via Rosetta? Are you using XeTeX  
from the command line or from some graphical tool? In Mac OS X $PATH  
can be different in both ...

Since you're using the same texmf.cnf file on both platforms there  
should not be such deviating behaviour. And no need for an own  
installation. What are the kpse* utilities finding and explaining  
about TeX search paths on both?

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