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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sat Nov 3 15:16:46 CET 2007

Am 03.11.2007 um 10:15 schrieb Kai Hendry:

> I have the package ttf-sil-charis installed, yet still the utf8 isn't
> appearing in the letter.pdf.

Did you update the font cache for use with xdvipdfmx with fc-cache or  
sudo fc-cache? Did you update the TeXMF trees with sudo maketexlsr/ 

What are pdfinfo and pdffonts showing about letter.pdf? Is any Charis  
SIL font embedded in the PDF file? What application are you using to  
display PDF? Do you have other choices? What do they show?

Some remarks:

I would not mix \usepackage{} with other statements.


is not really necessary. XeTeX accepts only UTF-8 and UTF-16. Or: if  
the input does not contain markers that mark it as some variant of  
UTF-16, then the input is interpreted as UTF-8. Is the file saved as  
UTF-8? From which editor? Your attachment is UTF-8. Can you think of  
using GNU Emacs and AUCTeX?


	\usepackage{xltxtra}   % mainly logos

you could use

	Hello \XeTeX{} World\\

and see the XeTeX logo a bit clearer.

For me your file works, although (or because?) some of my LaTeX files  
are a bit older.



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and those who cannot.

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