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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Nov 2 00:53:30 CET 2007

Am 01.11.2007 um 23:30 schrieb Kai Hendry:

> I probably need to read the docs more. Though here is my first
> experiences nonetheless.

What you need is to use for example:

	\usepackage{xunicode}	% maps LaTeX macros to Unicode positions \mu -> µ
	%\usepackage{xltxtra}	% mainly logos
	\usepackage{fontspec}	% essential for font support as below
	\setmainfont{Palatino Linotype}

The font must not necessarily be complete Unicode, i.e. 64 k or a  
multiple of this glyphs. It's sufficient when it's Unicode and not  
something different encoded (and contains the glyphs you want to  
see). OpenType and TrueType fonts usually implement this feature.  
Then it's OK to run xelatex.

The fontspec and xltxtra packages are well documented.

The message from the LOG file explains that cmr10 does not contain  
the glyphs, neither at their expected Unicode positions nor  
elsewhere. Look into the (PFB) font file!



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