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Sat Nov 3 00:59:45 CET 2007

Ross Moore wrote:
> But who is Ascender Corporation?
Ascender was formed a few years ago by the top engineers and executives 
from Monotype shortly after Agfa sold Monotype to TA Associates.

> I thought TUG has the distribution rights now, though maybe not
> exclusively.
The Lucida fonts is a huge font family that is developed by Bigelow & 
Holmes. They licensed different versions of their fonts to different 
companies and organizations, free of charge, on a retail commercial 
basis and on an OEM basis. For example, both Apple and Microsoft license 
some Lucida fonts on OEM basis and bundle them with their operating 
systems and some applications such as Microsoft Office. Ascender 
Corporation resells the Microsoft versions to clients who don't have the 
respective OS or application. Also, Elsner+Flake resells some Type 1 and 
OpenType versions of the fonts. For example, both the E+F and the 
Ascender versions are available at MyFonts.

I believe that TUG also has a license to distribute some versions of the 
fonts. The versions distributed by different vendors are not necessarily 
compatible when it comes to character sets, metrics or proportions.



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