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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sat Nov 3 00:31:34 CET 2007

Hello Troy, and TUG board members.

On 03/11/2007, at 7:51 AM, Troy Henderson wrote:

> All,
> I was wondering how difficult it would be to facilitate the use of the
> Lucida Math Collection fonts from Ascender Corporation.  The font
> collection comes with Lucida Bright, Lucida Sans, Lucida Sans Mono,
> and a large set of matching math fonts.  The website says that the
> fonts are available in PS Type 1 format, but a salesman that I spoke
> with said they were available in TrueType format.  In either case, how
> difficult would it be to get these working with (Xe)LaTeX?

Probably not hard, if you use the existing support styles for Lucida  

But who is Ascender Corporation?
How much did you pay for the fonts?

I thought TUG has the distribution rights now, though maybe not

Any redistribution should be subject to strict licensing terms,
at least in regard to what else is supplied along with the fonts

Karl, can you please clarify what are the (re)distribution rights?

> Thanks, and I look forward to hearing your response.

Thank you for mentioning this.


	Ross Moore

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