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Macedonian is a Slavic language - similar  to Serbo-Croat but I seem to 
recall that it has an accentual system which sets it apart.  I think the 
political map has changed a bit since Aristotle's day (!), and even in 
classical Greece the Macedonians were considered a bit of an uncouth bunch 
on the fringes of Greece proper (Alexander the Great's father Philip tried 
to give it more of a civilized veneer, and - if the story is accurate - even 
persuaded Euripides to move there, which would no doubt have been easy 
enough since the Athenians didn't exactly treat him well, and never awarded 
him a first prize for any of his plays, though at least they didn't make him 
drink poison, which was Socrates' fate).

I might be wrong about the accent but I do recall when Presisdent Tito died 
that a linguistically competent friend of mine who listened to the funeral 
oration said 'That man must be a Macedonian - he's speaking with a tonic 

Not a lot to do with Unicode typesetting, this, but one needs some light 
relief from time to time!



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>>Your list covers Bulgarian too; to complete the coverage of South
>>Slavic languages you have to add two letters unique to Macedonian
> What is this language? I was under the impression that Macedonians
> were Greek people and not slavic people and of course Aristotle did
> not speak and write using Je or Kje. You must be refereeing to something 
> else,
> right?
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