[XeTeX] XeTeX, LaTeX, HTML and beautiful typography

Rene Borgella reneborg at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 31 00:38:17 CET 2007

Hi again everyone:

First, many thanks to Peter, Robert, and Jonathan for being patient and
taking time to be so helpful -- I'm most grateful.

Secondly, I now understand that my previous LaTeX setup is good enough
to stay with, and that one of the benefits of sticking with it would be
the ease of making HTML from it.

Third, I am curious about Robert's suggested method of 'bilingual'
template, but I KNOW near nothing about the details he gave, thus I need
to learn a lot more about the details so that I can begin to use it.

Last, I guess, for now, I will not be switching over to XeTeX for my
primary uses. Instead, I'll learn more about XeTeX and use it for
occasions when I don't want Times or Helvetica, e.g., something that I
want to be 'more' beautiful than plain old Times and Helvetica.  That
said, I must admit that I have been somewhat frustrated by not being
able to find any good tutorials like the ''Not so short guide ...'' and
others that I have used.  I have mostly learned LaTeX from a few books,
using some templates for LaTeX docs, the mailing list, web sites and
simply futzing around and trying things to see what works. Once I got
things looking like I wanted I went back to writing and didn't worry
about the details until I wanted to do something different. This is one
of the reasons I don't know as much about the preamble as I should, as
Peter noted.  OTOH, I do try to learn about specifics, for example
making the whitespace smaller because I'd like to use less paper, but
with limited time, knowing about what's going on under the bonnet is not
always as high a priority as I would like.  In the end, what matters to
me is that I do I do appreciate beautiful typography and I often get
comments about how nice my class/teaching docs look.

Again, many, many thanks!

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