[XeTeX] XeTeX, fancy headers and htlatex

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Jan 30 23:19:10 CET 2007

Am 30.01.2007 um 19:44 schrieb Rene Borgella:

> Indeed, I really don't know what some of the stuff in my preamble  
> exactly does. But, by
> trial-and-error and borrowing from documents that I like, I've  
> gotten to something that works for me.

That's not good! The preamble is too important to ignore them.  
Usually you can get informed by invoking

	texdoc <the package's name>

There are some exceptions. For example documentation about the  
geometry or wrapfig or marvosym packages can be retrieved via

	texdoc geometry/manual
	texdoc multiple-span
	texdoc marvodoc

> I think this is mostly because I don't know a lot of fancy stuff  
> and how
> to correctly constrain image size, etc. I get 'bounding box' errors  
> and
> the like . . .

                   {Bild, \textcopyright{} Some Photographer}

Restrictive factor could also be the width of the picture.



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