[XeTeX] XeTeX installation under WinXP

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 14:04:46 CET 2007

On 1/19/07, Ardi wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have come across to the webpage of XeTeX. I browsed some mails
> on the mailing list.
> Can somebody forward me a step by step procedure of installing it
> under WinXP which already contains Miktex2.4 (installed to
> c:\texmf2_4 and c:\localtexmf)?

XeTeX's binaries are not quite compatible with MikTeX's ones, but if
you're ready to wait ...

You can also take a look at the following post just in case that it
would help you (but you'll have to "hack" a bit):

If you want to use XeTeX on windows there are currently the following options:
- instal Akira's W32TeX
- it should be possible to install it under XemTeX (untested)
- download and install TeXLive 2006 test images (1 or 2 GB to download
at once) or subscribe to one of TeX user groups to get a DVD
- ConTeXt stand-alone distributions from
(http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Windows_Installation can help you), but
since you probably want to use it with LaTeX, that most probably won't
help you (the distribution supports only ConTeXt)

> Is the procedure of Akira Kakuto enough for installation?
> {http://www.fsci.fuk.kindai.ac.jp/kakuto/win32-ptex/web2c75-e.html}
> {some mails reported error of some missing dll files,
> incompatibility in versions of .NET}

It should work, but you have to be a bit careful - MikTeX might
interfere. I used Akira's binaries in a nother distribution which
worked fine (not with MikTeX though).

> I would like to use it for producing docs with different
> languages, add pictures, math symbols, equations, outputs from
> gnuplot, etc.

Which languages do you mean with "different languages"?

If you need hints about good quality & simple inclusion of gnuplot
graphs, write to me personally.

> Can it be used for producing html output?

That's what tex4ht might be good for (not as perfect as one might want
it to be, but with some patience one might get good results) - XeTeX
has nothing to do with html output.


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