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Álex Bueno lists+tex+xetex at bueno.imap.cc
Wed Feb 14 02:41:30 CET 2007

Hi Ross,

Thanks for the reply.

On 13 Feb 2007, at 7:27 pm, Ross Moore wrote:

>> \begin{textblock}{1}(0,0)
>> 	\begin{figure}
>> 		\includegraphics[height=11in]{foo.pdf}
>> 	\end{figure}
>> \end{textblock}
> Which package defines the  {textblock}  environment?
> But whichever it is, surely it doesn't make sense
> to have a floating figure inside ...

You're right; I mistakenly typed that backwards, and textblocks  
ignore figures within them, according to the docs. Regardless, I  
can't use figure unless I can skip the number. And textblock is part  
of the textpos package, and I'm using it simply in order to get the  
pdf to fill the page by placing it at (0,0) instead of within the  

>> Getting rid of the figure environment gets rid of the numbering
>> issue, but the pdfs don't float in the text but rather are overlaid,
>> and don't rasterize properly and come out very soft (apparently due
>> to the overlaid text?).
>   ... as it looks like  {textblock}  is placing its contents
> at a fixed location on the page, without having it interact
> with other elements --- hence the overprinting.
> Thus in your coding above, the figure just floats away,
> presumably to the page after where the textblock acts,
> thereby putting nothing at all.
>> So the issue seems to be how to get a floating textblock in a
>> separate page (to get rid of the page numbers); I tried to make a new
>> float environment, but it appears beyond my current ability in TeX.
>> I would much appreciate anyone's help with this.
> If your pictures fit within the typeset area of the page,
> then you could just use:
> \clearpage
> \thispagestyle{empty}
> \includegraphics ...
> \clearpage
> ... etc. ...
> However, if you need the pictures to be the full size of the page,
> then your  {textblock}  environments might still work,
> when used as follows:
> \clearpage
> \thispagestyle{empty}
> \begin{textblock}{1}(0,0)
>   \includegraphics[height=11in]{foo.pdf}
> \end{textblock}
> \vfill
> \clearpage
>    ... etc. ...

This still gives me an overprint, with a soft pdf, and it breaks the  
page at \clearpage, rather than allowing the text to flow.  
Interestingly, not all pdfs come out soft; for instance, a pdf of a  
website does not; unfortunately, the chart from OmniGraffle that I  
need to insert does.

Here's what I'm doing:

\setromanfont{Minion Pro}

	... text ...
	... text ...

And I'm using Gerben Wierda's distribution, updated a couple of days  

> After these "blank" pages are done, do you want
> the page-numbering to continue from their previous count?
> If so, then you'll need to reset the page counter:
> \addtocount{page}{-<number of plates>}
> by subtracting how many extra pages have been produced.

This seems to require a package that I'm not using.

> Hope this helps,
> 	Ross

Thanks again,

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