[XeTeX] pdfpages

Álex Bueno lists+tex+xetex at bueno.imap.cc
Wed Feb 14 00:02:35 CET 2007


I'm wondering if there is a good way to insert full-page pdfs with  
XeTeX, given that pdfpages doesn't work <http://tug.org/mailman/htdig/ 
xetex/2006-September/thread.html#5082>, or if I'm missing some key  
concept. I'm trying to insert pdfs as plates, without page numbers or  
captions; just the pdf page exactly as it is.

I've tried some ways to get this to work, and none does it right.

The best solution is just inserting a figure within a text block that  
starts at (0,0), but I don't want it to get a figure number. And I  
can't find a way to get it to skip a figure number (shouldn't it be  


Getting rid of the figure environment gets rid of the numbering  
issue, but the pdfs don't float in the text but rather are overlaid,  
and don't rasterize properly and come out very soft (apparently due  
to the overlaid text?).

So the issue seems to be how to get a floating textblock in a  
separate page (to get rid of the page numbers); I tried to make a new  
float environment, but it appears beyond my current ability in TeX.

I would much appreciate anyone's help with this.


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