[XeTeX] footnotes with opentype superscript, and bibtex with xetex (quotes and hyphens)

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 09:27:10 CET 2007

Hi Alex,

On 04/02/2007, at 15:54 , lists+tex+xetex at bueno.imap.cc wrote:

> I've included xltultra, which I thought was supposed to fix this, and
> it does for \textsuperscript, but not for footnotes.

Hmmm, me too. How embarrassing. How didn't I notice this?
I'll get back to you with a fix...at some stage.
Thanks for pointing it out.

> And I've set the
> font for the document like this:
> \setromanfont[%
> ItalicFont={Minion Pro Italic:+liga,+onum},%
> BoldFont={Minion Pro Semibold:+liga,+onum},%
> BoldItalicFont={Minion Pro Semibold Italic:+liga,+onum}]%
> {Minion Pro:+liga,+onum}

I'm surprised that works (the ":+liga,+onum" part). You're full of  
surprises today. If you can be bothered remembering those tags, you  
can continue to use them. Otherwise you might like to write

   ItalicFont={Minion Pro Italic},%
   BoldFont={Minion Pro Semibold},%
   BoldItalicFont={Minion Pro Semibold Italic}]%
   {Minion Pro}

> Second, I'm having minor issues with bibtex and xetex. Using unicode
> input, TeX doesn't replace certain text codes for their correct
> characters (` to ‘, -- to en-dash, etc.). This is not a problem in
> the main file, but bibtex doesn't seem know about this. So for this
> reference

Add the font feature [Mapping=tex-text]. I need to add a bigger note  
about this in the fontspec documentation.

Hope this helps,

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