[XeTeX] footnotes with opentype superscript, and bibtex with xetex (quotes and hyphens)

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Sun Feb 4 06:24:27 CET 2007


I'm rather new to TeX, XeTeX and all such things, so excuse the  

First, I'm trying to redefine the footnote reference style to print  
in OpenType superscript, instead of TeX's forced superscript.

This correctly removes oldstyle numerals, but prints a superscript in  
the forced superscript size:
\renewcommand{\thefootnote}{\fontspec{Minion Pro:+sups,-onum}{\arabic 

I've included xltultra, which I thought was supposed to fix this, and  
it does for \textsuperscript, but not for footnotes. And I've set the  
font for the document like this:

ItalicFont={Minion Pro Italic:+liga,+onum},%
BoldFont={Minion Pro Semibold:+liga,+onum},%
BoldItalicFont={Minion Pro Semibold Italic:+liga,+onum}]%
{Minion Pro:+liga,+onum}

Second, I'm having minor issues with bibtex and xetex. Using unicode  
input, TeX doesn't replace certain text codes for their correct  
characters (` to ‘, -- to en-dash, etc.). This is not a problem in  
the main file, but bibtex doesn't seem know about this. So for this  

	Address = {New York},
	Author = {Beers, Dorothy Gondos},
	Booktitle = {Philadelphia: a 300 year history},
	Editor = {Weigley, Russell Frank},
	Pages = {417-470},
	Publisher = {W.W. Norton},
	Shorttitle = {The Centennial City},
	Title = {The Centennial City, 1865-1876},
	Year = {1982}}

I get this:

Dorothy Gondos Beers, `The Centennial City, 1865-1876', in: Russel  
Frank Weigley, editor, Philadelphia: a 300 year history (New York:  
W.W. Norton, 1982), 417--470.

I can replace the characters for the right ones in the bbl file  
before making the final pdf, but is there a way to fix this  

Many thanks,

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