[XeTeX] inserting swf animations with xetex

Pablo Rodríguez oinos at web.de
Sun Dec 9 01:54:08 CET 2007

Jonathan Kew wrote:
> On 6 Dec 2007, at 9:02 am, Pablo Rodríguez wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I would like to know whether it is possible to include swf  
>> animations in
>> a PDF document generated by xelatex.
>> (movie15 would be the tool, but it seems to work only with pdftex.)
> Looking at movie15.sty, it seems like it supports non-pdftex engines  
> by using pdfmark functionality from the hyperref package, so it might  
> work if you use xelatex with the xdvipdfmx driver, but I don't know  
> for sure. (Try it and see!)

Thanks for your answer, Jonathan, but I'm afraid that it doesn't work.

I had to upgrade movie15 to the version contained in CTAN (to avoid the
pdfmdfivesum command), add the pdfmark option to hyperref and compiling
the example below doesn't seem to work.


Since xelatex --no-pdf compiles it without warnings, xdvipdfmx gives a
bunch of errors and movie15 seems to be written with conditionals for
pdftex or dvips, xelatex writes pdfmarks for the dvips driver and
xdvipdfmx is not able to compile it.

Could anyone confirm me this issue before trying to contact movie15
developer in order to get this fixed?

Thanks for your help,


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