[XeTeX] beamer problems with xetex

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Mon Apr 30 22:38:31 CEST 2007

At 10:08 PM +0200 4/30/07, Jelle Huisman wrote:
>Alan Munn wrote:
>>  Hi, I'm trying to use beamer and xelatex, but am running into
>>  problems with certain themes.  The following minimal document
>>  produces two small bullets on the title slide instead of the title.
>>  The following themes based  produce the problem: Warsaw, PaloAlto,
>>  Madrid, JuanLesPins, Ilmenau, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Copenhagen,
>>  CambridgeUS, AnnArbor (and themes derived from them, including mine).
>>  Since the problem doesn't arise with pdflatex, I'm posting this to
>>  the xelatex mailing list.  Is anyone here using beamer and xelatex
>>  regularly with success, or should I just stick with regular pdflatex
>>  for beamer presentations?
>Hello Allan,
>I don't use beamer regularly, but when I typeset your minimal example
>using the xdvipdfmx-output driver[1] it produces the desired result.
>[1] xelatex -output-driver="xdvipdfmx -q -E" "$1"

Thanks, that did the trick.  I guess  I was using the wrong TeXShop engine.

(I'd still be interested in responses to my last question from those 
who use beamer a lot.)


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