[XeTeX] xdvipdfmx broken on Windows Vista?

Toralf Senger Senger at mpimp-golm.mpg.de
Sun Apr 22 17:32:33 CEST 2007

Hello SMiyata,

>Are you sure you are embedding *only* PDFs into PDF?

Yes! It was a simple document, including only what is required (\usepackage[dvipdfmx]{graphics})
JPG are perfectly included, just PDS are not. 

>> ** WARNING ** Interpreting special command  ET (ps:)
>> failed.

>This kind of warning should never occur if they are
>PDFs that you are trying to embed. 

Like I said, compiling the "real" document gives me "Interpreting special command bcolor (ps:) failed" and compiling the little test document gives me "Interpreting special command  ET (ps:) failed." The result is the same-->no PDFs embedded. The dvipdfmx.def is fine

>If it is invoked by an PS inclusion......bug 
>I have introduced...But on the other hand, 
>if you see this as the result of PDF inclusion, 
>then your def file in the graphic bundle is 
>messed up and xdvipdfmx should fail here.

The dvipdfmx.def is just fine and so are all other packages (I installed w32tex from scratch yesterday and updades all packages (graphics...) to the newest version.

To my knowledge, dvipdfmx treats PFDs as EPS/PS files. So when you say you broke EPS embedding, I am 99% sure that is exactly what is causing my problem. However, compiling dvipdfmx is realy no option for me (consumes time I don't have to set everything up) - so I really can not apply your patch. I would be most happy If Akira (w32tex) would apply it and compile dvipdfmx again. The document that I wanted to compile did so perfectly until last october. 

> xdvipdfmx  saying "Interpreting special command
> bcolor (ps:) failed"

If the MacOS X version of xdvipdfmx can produce a
perfect PDF from this xdv file, then it is this
binary on MacOS X which must be corrupted.

It the Vista version that is corrupted. The MACOS version of xdvipdfmx makes a perfect PDF (including embedding of PDFs), eaven if I give it the xdv from the VISTA-system.

Thanks for your help! 

P.S. Do you know were I could find an old version of dvipdfm-w32.tar.gz? I googled for it but was not successfull...
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