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Sun Apr 15 06:54:35 CEST 2007

--- baptiste Augui将ア <ba208 at exeter.ac.uk> wrote:

> Too bad! I don't *need* transparency, honestly, but
> it's quite  
> interesting for use with the watermark package for
> instance, in that  
> you can have an almost invisible background text.

Background texts/graphics are drawn BEFORE the
foreground.  So there is no point making the background
transparent.  Just use a very light color.

While I was implementing PSTricks support in xdvipdfmx
driver, it became apparent that rput* and other *-ed
text put command could not be handled by the driver
alone, because GhostScript optimized away white only
graphics objects.  Eventually the support for rput* etc.
was implemented as TeX macros in xetex-pstricks.con
file, but before it was realized thusly, I had made
a backdoor in xdvipdfmx for the XeTeX philosophy that
``color is an attribute of a font''.  Namely,
   \special{x:renderingmode ...}
allows you to control the text rendering mode at the
lowest level of PDF.  If Jonathan is not going to
remove the functionality, I can prepare a showcase
sample, later.

> thanks again
> baptiste


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