[XeTeX] PDF file info

baptiste Auguié ba208 at exeter.ac.uk
Sun Apr 15 01:18:46 CEST 2007

On 14 Apr 2007, at 23:31, Jonathan Kew wrote:

>> Thanks, that worked!
>> Although, I'm wondering what are the differences in using this
>> xdvipdfmx : for one thing the transparency in the colors is gone.
>> E.g, the fontspec example,
>> \fontsize{48}{48}
>> \fontspec{Hoefler Text Black}
>> {\addfontfeature{Color=FF000099}W}\kern-1ex
>> {\addfontfeature{Color=0000FF99}S}\kern-0.8ex
>> {\addfontfeature{Color=DDBB2299}P}\kern-0.8ex
>> {\addfontfeature{Color=00BB3399}R}
>> doesn't work well (plain colors).
>> Is that a known issue, or is it a wrong configuration of mine?
> It's a known issue. Color support is one area where xdvipdfmx has
> some limitations compared to xdv2pdf. (Are you really needing
> transparency like this, or just curious about the example?)
> JK
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Too bad! I don't *need* transparency, honestly, but it's quite  
interesting for use with the watermark package for instance, in that  
you can have an almost invisible background text. I suppose if i have  
to choose I'll set the file info manually for the time being and use  
the other device.

thanks again


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