[XeTeX] inconsistant kerning

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Fri Sep 22 18:38:17 CEST 2006

On 22 Sep 2006, at 5:34 pm, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> On 22 Sep 2006, at 5:15 pm, Steve Grathwohl wrote:
>> OK, speaking of Juncode...
>> if I say
>> \documentclass{article}
>> \usepackage{fontspec}
>> \setromanfont{Junicode}
>> \begin{document}
>> \textsc{first}
>> \end{document}
>> I get fiRST; that is, lowercase fi lig then smallcap RST. What's  
>> going on here? I haven't seen this behavior in any other font.
> This indicates that the lookups are incorrectly ordered in the  
> font. You should report this as a bug to the font developer.

I seem to recall reading about a FontForge bug that might account for  
this. So the font developer may just need to update to the latest  
FontForge and re-generate the font. I'm not certain of this, but it  
may be worth suggesting.


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