[XeTeX] Nested \textit in an italic fontinstance

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 15:39:31 CEST 2006

Hi Nick,

As William mentioned, I think you've crossed wires at some point.

> \setromanfont{Myriad Pro}
> \newfontinstance\bold{Myriad Pro Bold}
> \newfontinstance\italic{Myriad Pro Italic}

This shouldn't be required; fontspec automatically configures the  
commands \textbf{} and \textit{} (and companion \bfseries and  
\itshape commands) to select bold and italic respectively. (And if it  
doesn't you can load them specifically; see fontspec.pdf.)

If you would like to continue using your commands, you can say
for more mnemonic command names.

Furthermore, it is the command \emph that is designed to emphasise  
text while adjusting to the surrounding font. (Make sure you load  
xltxtra, which ensures this works correctly in XeTeX.)

Good luck,

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