[XeTeX] Fontspec question

jropers at freesurf.fr jropers at freesurf.fr
Thu Sep 7 16:47:26 CEST 2006

Hi Will,
This is exactly what I would like to achieve. Thank you for pointing the
relevant section of the fontspec manual.

>From the manual, I try to define the Bold variant font for the small caps :


\setromanfont[Mapping=tex-text,Scale=1,SmallCapsFont = {MetaNormal-

It compiles ok with the above commands, but unfortunately the document
still does not switch to the bold form ("\scshape xxx \bfseries yyy")
for 'yyy'.

What mistake did I do ??


> On 07/09/2006, at 18:39 , <jropers at freesurf.fr> <jropers at freesurf.fr>
> wrote:
>> Is it possible in a \setromanfont declaration to explicitely
>> declare the
>> boldface (and italic form, and italic-bold) fontname of SmallCaps
>> font in
>> addition to the ordinary SmallCaps name ?
> Hi Jacques,
> Yes, this is possible, but I agree the interface isn't immediately
> obvious.
> On page 9 of the manual, at the end of section 4, there's an example
> of setting small caps features independently for each font shape.
> This technique should also work for selecting the small caps font.
> So, something like
>   \setfontfamily\myfont[
>     UprightFeatures{SmallCapsFont={...}},
>     ItalicFeatures{SmallCapsFont={...}},
>     BoldFeatures{SmallCapsFont={...}},
>     BoldItalicFeatures{SmallCapsFont={...}},
>   ]{...}
> If this doesn't work, please let me know :)
> Cheers,
> Will

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