[XeTeX] Final word on Greek hyphenation?

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 10:58:40 CET 2006

Hi Yves,

Two nitpicks to help you break bad habits :)

On 23/11/2006, at 17:42 , Yves Codet wrote:

> \newfontinstance\greekfont{Lucida Grande}

\newfontfamily is the new name, sorry!
But \newfontinstance still works. (We thought "family" made more sense.)

> \newcommand{\grk}[1]{{\language=\ancientgreek\greekfont{#1}}}

The #1 doesn't need to be in braces; \newfontfamily creates commands  
like \rmfamily:
   \newcommand\grk[1]{{\language=\ancientgreek\greekfont #1}}


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