[XeTeX] Final word on Greek hyphenation?

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Thu Nov 23 08:12:00 CET 2006


Le 22 nov. 06 à 21:54, jeffdod at netzero.net a écrit :

> I am interested in hyphenating some ancient Greek text I am working
> on. I saw that there is a xetex-greek module released for this.
> However, it is still a little difficult to piece together from the
> various posts what the exact procedure is for enabling this in XeTeX.
> Could someone perhaps post a run-down of what the current procedure
> is for enabling hyphenation of Greek text with XeTeX? Thanks!

Unless I missed something it still has to be done through Babel. Put  
"xgrahyph.tex" into a directory where TeX can find it. Run:

kpsewhich language.dat

to locate "language.dat". Edit the relevant line; it should look like  
this after you have edited it:

%! finnish      fi8hyph.tex
greek   xgrahyph.tex
%! icelandic    icehyph.tex

Recreate your xetex and xelatex formats. If your file is entirely in  
Greek, you should write:


in your preamble. If not, you must define a command such as:

\newfontinstance\greekfont{Lucida Grande} % write the name of your  
preferred font instead of "Lucida Grande"

And in your text you have something like:

Englisht text \grk{Μῆνιν...} More English text

Kind regards,


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