[XeTeX] [OS X TeX] TeXLive install issues

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Nov 10 13:56:57 CET 2006

Le 10 nov. 06 à 11:58, Bruno Voisin a écrit :

> - How to install XeTeX with the TeXLive-based setup on a PPC? This  
> setup does not contain PPC XeTeX binaries. And you cannot use, I  
> think, the various available install methods (using Apple's  
> Installer and the .pkg distro, using i-Installer and the .ii2  
> distro, compiling from source) for installing these binaries, given  
> they also install a bunch of support files in texmf.local, whereas  
> these support files are already present at the appropriate places  
> inside the texmf.texlive tree.
> What I'll be trying right now is compiling from source using the  
> build-xetex script, then edit the script install-xetex by  
> commenting out the lines:
>> # copy our texmf additions into the local texmf tree
>> texmflocal=`kpsewhich --var-value TEXMFLOCAL`
>> if [ "x${texmflocal}" == "x" ]; then
>> 	# if --var-value didn't work, try to find the definition in the  
>> texmf.cnf file
>> 	CNF=`kpsewhich texmf.cnf`
>> 	texmflocal=`sed -rne "s/^[ \t]*TEXMFLOCAL[ \t]*=[ \t]*(\/[^ \t] 
>> +).*/\1/p" ${CNF}`
>> fi
>> mkdir -p ${texmflocal}
>> if [ -d texmf/.svn ]; then
>> 	# if we're installing from a Subversion WC, make a copy and clean  
>> it up
>> 	# (don't rely on svn export here in case svn isn't in the current  
>> PATH)
>> 	cp -pRf texmf Work/texmf-nosvn
>> 	find Work/texmf-nosvn -depth \( -name ".svn" -or -name ".DS*" \) - 
>> exec rm -rf {} \;
>> 	cp -pRf Work/texmf-nosvn/* ${texmflocal}/
>> 	rm -r Work/texmf-nosvn
>> else
>> 	cp -pRf texmf/* ${texmflocal}/
>> fi
>> find texmf -type f -and -not -path "*/.*" -print | sed -e  
>> "s@^texmf@${texmflocal}@" >> ${filelist}
> and run the modified script. Is there a more straightforward  
> procedure?

That wasn't a good idea, as it produces a message about non-matching  
xetex.pool and ends up with a fail.

What I did finally is just run install-xetex unmodified. One added  
bonus is that it is no longer necessary to add manually the recent  
updates to fontspec, euenc and ifxetex: they're included in TRUNK and  
installed by install-xetex in texmf.local.

I just hope that all these files in texmf.local will be fully  
consistent with those already in texmf.texlive.

Regarding the source directories within the various trees:

- What's the logic behind the selection and inclusion of these files.  
That is:


- Regarding the files inside /usr/local/TeXLive/texmf.local/source/ 


These look like a leftover, something necessary in the building stage  
but forgotten afterwards. In particular, it seems the unimath  
directory -- apparently an evolution of the experimental xmaths  
package from the beginning of this year -- does not correspond to any  
file inside /usr/local/TeXLive/texmf.local/tex/xelatex/. Or did I  
miss something obvious?

Bruno Voisin

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