[XeTeX] Free download: Microsoft Office 2007 beta 2

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon May 29 22:57:45 CEST 2006

Le 29 mai 06 à 21:19, Adam Twardoch a écrit :

> Bruno Voisin wrote:
>> This is Windows-specific software, isn't? Odd on a list dedicated to
>> software which only runs on Mac OS X and Linux to date!
> Yes, it is Windows-specific software. I don't think it's odd. Many  
> users
> use several operating systems. Operating Mac OS X and Windows
> side-by-side on Intel-based Macs isn't really difficult. This is is
> dedicated to *Unicode-based* *TeX* for *Mac OS X and Linux*. While the
> last component does not really apply to Office 2007, I think since  
> XeTeX
> is Unicode-based and (among others) related to typesetting math, the
> news is *very* relevant.
> [snip]

What I meant was that, given MS Office 2007 Beta installs only on  
Windows, there was no way to use the OpenType fonts that it provides  
with XeTeX, on either Mac OS X or Linux. I thought that was what your  
post was about. Thanks for the clarifcation.

Actually I was suspecting your message was a troll, something unusual  
on this list. Glad to know this is not the case!

> BTW, there is a paper that discusses some aspects of Office's new math
> typesetting. The PDF is typeset using Microsoft Word 2007 itself, and
> uses Cambria as the basic font:
> http://www.unicode.org/notes/tn28/UTN28-PlainTextMath.pdf

Thanks for the link, that looks interesting. I'll have a look at it  
when time allows. I must admit that I feel fairly skeptical towards  
anything coming from MS, and I have difficulties in believing in  
their good will, but I'll try to look at this paper with fresh eyes  
and an open mind.

Bruno Voisin

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