[XeTeX] Newbie question re XeTeX and BibTeX

Steven Shaviro shaviro at shaviro.com
Wed May 24 18:27:53 CEST 2006

> To emulate Computer Modern's ligatures such as `` for “ and --- for
> —, you need to load your fonts with the "tex-text" font mapping. This
> can be done in fontspec with
>    \setromanfont[Mapping=tex-text]{...}

I did this, and the bibliography is indeed now set correctly in terms  
of curly quotes; but in the main body of the document, " in the  
source file is now translated into curly close quotes, regardless of  
whether it is at the start or the end of a quotation. So I have  
gained proper formatting in the bibliography, but lost smart-quotes  
behavior in the body of the text. What am I still doing wrong?

Steven Shaviro shaviro at shaviro.com
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