[XeTeX] Correct LaTeX-logo – how?

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Sun May 7 17:38:36 CEST 2006

On 07/05/2006, at 23:54 , Jonathan Kew wrote:

> I guess this is a question for the LaTeX experts.... what's the best
> way to overcome Babel's redefinition of the logos?

Coincidentally, I've just been playing around with a "xelatex"  
package that had some rudimentary logo re-definition macros. I'll  
extend them to ensure the above problem, whatever it is, is overcome.

> What we really need is a package that handles hyphenation-language
> switching, generated text ("Chapter", "Figure", etc), but doesn't try
> to mess with input and font encodings, leaving XeTeX free to deal
> with Unicode everywhere. Anyone care to work on such a "mini-Babel"
> package designed to work more smoothly with XeTeX? :)

One of the problems with adapting babel for this purpose is that it  
uses 7-bit input to define its multilingual text, and it's not really  
a good idea (IMO) to extend xunicode to cover a whole bunch of glyphs  
simply due to compatibility reasons.

But if my current sleeping experiment works out properly, it's  
conceivable that I'll have time for such a thing. If. ;)


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