[XeTeX] XeTeX for Linux (first experiencies)

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Thu Jun 8 08:41:15 CEST 2006


I got a mail from CTAN about the Greek hyphenation patterns I uploaded  
yesterday. Here is part of what Robin Fairbairns writes:

i would like to suggest that we create a new ctan sub-tree
macros/xetex/hyphenation and put your contribution there.  (i know
hyphenation patterns aren't really macros, but i think the files are
best positioned there.)

there's a further confusion, viz., that existing greek patterns are
named "elhyph" (and variants -- "el" is the iso 639-1 2-letter code for
modern greek).

on the same basis, the nearest we might get is grchyph (there's no
2-letter code for ancient greek, but "grc" is the iso 639-2 3-letter

would you mind changing the name and installing your files in
macros/xetex/hyphenation/grchyph/ ?

i would suggest that, if the files are in an xetex directory, there's
no actual need to include "uni"[code] in the file name.

All this is quite sensible. So there should be a directory  
"macros/xetex/hyphenation" and my adaptation of "grhyph.tex" will be  
named "grchyph.tex". I suggest a similar name for the patterns which  
Peter intends to create, with a postfix showing that they include  
etymological patterns, something like "grchyph-ety.tex" (if they're  
only for ancient Greek) or "ellhyph-ety.tex", "grehyph-ety.tex" (if  
they're for both ancient and modern Greek). What do you think, Peter?

Kind regards,


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