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Thu Jun 8 13:26:22 CEST 2006

Yves Codet <ycodet at club-internet.fr> writes:

> All this is quite sensible. So there should be a directory  
> "macros/xetex/hyphenation" and my adaptation of "grhyph.tex" will be  
> named "grchyph.tex". I suggest a similar name for the patterns which  
> Peter intends to create, with a postfix showing that they include  
> etymological patterns, something like "grchyph-ety.tex" (if they're  
> only for ancient Greek) or "ellhyph-ety.tex", "grehyph-ety.tex" (if  
> they're for both ancient and modern Greek). What do you think, Peter?

I'm afraid I think that the difference between the simplistic Babel
patterns in grhyph.tex and Filippou's patterns (which are the ones
called elhyphen -- has Robin got confused about this?), are that the
Babel patterns are wrong, and Filippou's are right (or at least try to
DTRT).  I would prefer holding off at the moment uploading a solution
that we know to be incorrect.

It also seems possible that the question of where the Xetex hyphenation
patterns should go on CTAN may be linked with the question of where in
the TeXlive tree they will go when Xetex is integrated into it.  So
maybe we should wait and see what happens with that.  Jonathan?

As for the issue of ancient vs. modern, IIRC the mechanisms of Babel
require that greek and polutonikogreek share the same hyphenation
patterns, since they are defined as dialects of the same language.  This
restriction is one of the many unfortunate aspects of Babel's handling
of Greek.

Best wishes,


Peter Heslin (http://www.dur.ac.uk/p.j.heslin)

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