[XeTeX] "xelatex" package name

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Jun 8 07:55:32 CEST 2006

Le 8 juin 06 à 01:31, Will Robertson a écrit :

> Let's see...
> fixxltx
> xltxfix
> xelatexfix
> fixxelatex
> fix-xelatex
> I probably lean towards one of those last two.
> Does anyone else think that "xelatex" is a bit long-winded? Would
> something more abbreviated by better? xltex/lxtex/lextex/xeltex/
> xlatex...I guess it's too late to change now.

How strange the list messages have been arriving here in random order  
for a few days, with the initial message in a thread arriving often  
after several of the replies to it!

I must admit I don't like the long names such as fixxelatex, and  
certainly not names with dashes in them such as fix-xelatex.  
xelatexfix sounds nicer, but still it's long.

> Jon: I'd like to steer away from 'xpackages' type names since that's
> *also* the convention of the LaTeX3 project; they've got xor, xbase,
> xfrontmatter, ...

You've got a point here, but I must admit I liked this naming scheme,  
already used by xunicode.sty. xextras felt nice, as did xtras or even  
xxtras, extrax or xfix or fixx. But well...


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