[XeTeX] stupid question: Simple TeX Installation tool for Mac OS X available?

Hans-Michael Stahl hm.stahl at web.de
Tue Jun 6 23:12:21 CEST 2006

While trying to update to the latest version of xetex, I managed to
completely damage my once working TeX installation with the geek-tool
"i-installer" :-(  After that, I dumped more than 700 MByte of strange
files under /usr/local/tetex into my wastebasket ...(what is all that -
I remember that I successfully used latex on an OS/2 System with a huge
80 Mbyte disk many years ago and most of the 80 Mbyte was for me and not
for the TeX system).

I just wonder if there is any more easy to use installation tool
(without 250 ununderstandable options and settings) out there for Mac OS
X to get a working TeX installation?

Viele Gruesse
Hans-Michael Stahl       ___&___
Berlin                   ||| |||

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