[XeTeX] OT: creating beautiful graphs

Faisal Moledina faisal.moledina at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 01:18:36 CET 2006

Wow, both those applications look pretty good.  I like how I can copy  
my data straight from Excel into Plot.  I'm trying to ease my  
workflow from Word + Excel for my lab reports to TeX + etc.  While  
Gnuplot seems like the final destination, something like Plot looks  
like a good middle-ground.

On 26-Jan-06, at 5:27 PM, Bernhard Barkow wrote:

> Did you look at Apple's Mac OS X Download site (Math & Science)?  
> There are a few promising apps, like
> http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/math_science/plot.html
> or
> http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/math_science/qtiplot.html
> (both freeware). I didn't try any of them (I'm happy with  
> Gnuplot :-), it's just another suggestion...
> Bernhard

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